Myrna and Joe. They grew up together, seemingly inseparable. But as these things happen the day came when Joe looked around at his life and decided it was time for him to move around, move up. Move out. Myrna, however, was caught in a web of circumstances as well as an overwhelming inertia keeping her firmly in place. Swearing allegience, the two friends vowed to stay in touch. That never happens does it ?
Years have gone by. Too many years. Joe has attained some bit of status and success. On the other hand Myrna has never moved. She is still stuck. She is able to follow her friend's career with the help of today's obsession with any personality, large or small and summoning up her courage and needing his help, Myrna decides to reconnect with Joe. She starts to send him postcards convinced he will honor that ancient pledge and come to the rescue of his dear childhood friend.
Too bad everyone says. Well ... Joe has changed his name.
And Myrna doesn't even have his address.


These are graphite drawings. The paper size of each image is 22"x30" or 30"x22" , on Lanaquarelle 140lb, hot press white. This is an ongoing series with 8 images to date.

For the price of any drawing please do not hesitate to contact the artist.

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