It was a couple of years ago now, during the occasion of a casual after-theater drink with a friend. I thought we were discussing the alarming state of the country when it dawned on me that my companion seemed a bit shocked at all I was describing, seemed unaware of the magnitude of crisis for so many people in the United States.Thinking about it on the way home I became angry and decided to step away from my work as a visual artist for a time to lend my voice to make as many people as I could aware of the situation. So many people, individuals - real people - were hurting. Since my skill is as a draftsman, I decided perhaps my contribution could be a series of flyers. Small posters illustrating some of the individuals who seemed to be going unnoticed.
I hope these images can make their voices heard.


These are graphite drawings. They have been sent to various parts of the country such as Michigan, New York, Connecticut and Utah and put on street corners and construction sites, in train stations and waiting rooms. All the places one is accustomed to see flyers. The paper size of each image is 15"x 22", on Lanaquarelle 140lb, hot press white.

For the price of any drawing please do not hesitate to contact the artist.

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